Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book tours and find information about dinning and shopping?
We have in the  Apartments the Dunedin “Whats Up” book in here you will find may different options for Dunedin sights and attractions, shopping and restaurants and how to book these. Alternatively we will  assist with bookings and so can the information center which is called the “isite” and is situated in the city centre, also know as the Octagon.
Where can we find medical assistance?
For all non-urgent medical information we suggest you visit the Urgent Doctor 95 Hanover Street. Anything urgent call 111 via mobile or use the free phone in the foyer.
Have we an allocated parking space?
Not all apartments have an on-site park available however we can assist with other parking options.
How can we contact the staff?
We have a direct dial phone in the foyer for any questions you have and we are only moments away.